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Booking a luxury SUV (FFAR) Chevrolet Tahoe through uscarhire.com

uscarhire.com once again got our vacation off to the best possible start. This year we thought we would book ourselves to a bit of luxury. On past vacations we have hired seven seater minivans or grand caravans which have served us very well indeed but our one weeks Summer vacation would involve quite a bit of driving so we selected the Luxury SUV category with Alamo and the voucher popped into our inbox in a seamless process.

The Chevy Tahoe we rented
The Chevy Tahoe we rented in Orlando

With uscarhire.com I was also able to purchase Enhanced Roadside Assistance cover for 100% peace of mind. A couple of years ago now my sister and her boyfriend had joined us at our villa and don't ask me how but one of them managed to lock the keys in the car and this caused considerable angst and cost to resolve, so for the small premium I believe Enhanced Roadside Assistance cover was worth every dime just in case and I can confirm I am still happily married! Needless to say my sister now has a new boyfriend!

On arriving at Sanford Airport, Orlando, Florida in the good ol' USA we handed over the voucher and with nothing else to pay, headed over to the parking lot to select our gleaming vehicle glistening in the intense sunshine, a big, beautiful Chevrolet Tahoe. We had four large suitcase that slid easily into the boot, or should I say 'trunk' as did all our hand luggage with plenty of room to spare. If only I had one of these cars at home it would be perfect for trips to Ikea and the like. I bet we could have fitted at least two large sofas in there and a kitchen sink!

With ample luggage and passenger space you might be forgiven for thinking that the Tahoe would amble serenely down the highway but the this large SUV was powerful, responsive and an utter joy to drive. Now I am not technically minded or noted for my petrol headed tendencies but I was so impressed with the drive that I was reluctant to relinquish control to my lovely husband. With uscarhire.com we we automatically was given a voucher for two drivers at no additional cost and I am sooooo happy they do this. Driving in Florida is fun. Did I mention we had sumptuous, comfortable leather seats and a Bose sound system. Putting on the radio or plugging in an iPod and wow what a sound.

My advice to all would-be holiday makers heading for the Sunshine State or indeed the United States of America would be visit the uscahire.co.uk website, go for the best vehicle class you can afford, book in advance. The larger luxury SUV or 4x4 availability is more limited, bolt on the Enhanced Roadside Assistance cover, and a Satnav (GPS) for peace of mind and enjoy the drive. Oh yes, take a photo of the car as a reminder of the holiday it is an integral part of the whole vacation experience!

Happy motoring in your rental car!